ACRE Investment Real Estate Services is San Diego’s leading multi-family firm. We provide apartment owners with a fully-integrated, multi-family sales, capital markets, research and management platform. Focusing solely on apartments, our experienced advisors specialize on managing risk and maximizing value for apartment owners. Whether buying, selling or refinancing multi-housing assets, ACRE’s local and regional platform can successfully complete all type of transactions, regardless of size or complexity.

Offering highly customized selling, buying and 1031 exchange strategies, ACRE delivers enhanced services for any deal size. From day one, our marketing plan incorporates the entire apartment community, from local investors to brokers to national institutional buyers. At ACRE, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to exposing your property to the marketplace. ACRE agents work closely with their clients to customize a targeted marketing plan specific to the client’s needs. Whether you desire national or regional marketing, we have the capability to reach all markets. After all, price is a function of exposure and our focus is on your bottom line.

Investment Advisory

Our agents are experienced in all aspects of apartment ownership, from debt analysis to capital improvement projects.

Property Valuation

Our decades of experience and extensive market knowledge allow us to provide owners with accurate current market value for their assets while also taking into consideration the direction the market is headed.

1031 Exchange

Our agents are highly seasoned specialists in facilitating apartment sales to NNN, TIC, or DST purchases. As recognized authorities on 1031 exchanges, we manage the entire exchange process through our team of lenders, 1031 exchange accommodators, escrow, and title professionals to ensure that every transaction is a success for our clients.

Access to Capital

The Anderson Group provides apartment owners and investors with direct access to the industry-leading national and regional lenders.

Asset Management

The Anderson Group has relationships with full-service, reputable property management companies and can provide owners with all the services needed to create and maintain successful income property.


The firm’s marketing and advertising platform allows The Anderson Group to expose your asset to the complete local, regional, and national marketplace.